Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Biology of New Beginnings

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I just quit my job a few days ago. It has been the longest job I've had, and it's the longest I've gone without a massive break. I can feel the break happening anyway, in my mind. It craves space.

If a human body represented my life, this job would be the flesh. Now the flesh is slowly sliding off. The structure underneath, the bones, is now my one-day-a-week raw restaurant job, the semblance of a "normal" lifestyle.

What's left? The HEART, the BLOOD. Now with no flesh to focus on, these pulsations can flow right to the brain, and feed myriad dreams, goals, and creative obsessions.

My summer is all free to me, to bathe in sunlight, oceans, and forests. I feel this year will be a pinnacle of discovery - of many beauties, and of myself.

Expect many more posts now, since I am finally feeling free again. The outpouring and spilling open will commence.