Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Travel: Paris, France

It was sunny pretty much every day in Paris.

It got up to 26 C some days (79 F). Super warm, which I was not prepared for, clothing wise. I dealt. I did not bring a lot of clothing with me on this trip - in fact, I fit everything I had into a carry-on suitcase and a laptop bag (and my purse). I had the least luggage of all of us.

I took a LOT of photos around Notre Dame, mainly because it's magnificent (duh) but the cherry blossoms in front made it extra special.

We stayed on Ile. St. Louis

Doorway to our courtyard:

More Notre Dame:

Found this pretty heart:

Lock bridge - most of these had initials on them, Lover style:

I saw this little guy everywhere! I found the street art much more interesting than the Louvre (though I didn't get to spend much time there).

We walked a hell of a lot.

Our courtyard:

I saw lots of pretty dresses I wanted:

I almost bought this one, despite it being 460 Euros (and 45 Euros for the belt):

Oh, hello Notre Dame, fancy seeing you again:

Me and my dad took one of those boat tours down the Siene. It was nice.

Never heard of it:

My favourite thing about Paris was the plants covering all the buildings. Wisteria, vines...gob-smackingly divine.

I need me one of these. This is SO my ride. SKULL MIRROR? Yes.

This kitty was lovely - he was on the seat of the scooter, too, but someone scared him off the SECOND before I was going to take the photo. This one is still cute:

Somewhere in Paris...

Me and my Dad:

Inside our 2-floor apartment (we had it for the week - 3 bedrooms):

At the Louvre - we went in for an HOUR. Still not sure why we bothered. We thought we had a lot more time than we did, but walking to and from there, plus the security line-up...we didn't have a lot of time left to look around. Oh well.

Place René Cassin:

Arc de Triomphe:

I didn't know they were doing this, haha:

Pousse-Pousse, the only raw vegan place in Paris. My dad liked it, but after their juices, my Uncle and Adriana went somewhere else to eat.

My dad liked the juice (carrot, apple, celery) so much he now makes it every day! It IS super good.

Sacré-Cœur Basilica:

Overlooking Montmartre:


Yet another FACE:

This is my favourite kind of building - covered with ivy!

It's my pal the octopus, again!

I was testing something buggy with my camera, and got this shot by accident. I love it!

I loved how the foliage matched the building:

Our courtyard statue needed a tissue:

We walked by Notre Dame a lot - these soldiers were always around, in trios.

Went to see the Monet lily-pond paintings - they were divine. And I bet I'm the only person who's ever worn a Die Antwoord shirt in there.

I don't normally bother taking photos of paintings...but these were just wow:

Don't remember the name of this place:

I figure if I ever get married, it would be in this:

We went to the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at La Cinémathèque Française - mainly I just wanted to see all the Clockwork Orange stuff - and it did not disappoint.

No photo taking was allowed, but I managed to sneak a few with my phone. I couldn't resist.


I loved all the little details I saw. Fish door-handle!

I didn't find these guys scary. They didn't seem real. Obviously they were, but it was just rather surreal.

We finally went INSIDE Notre Dame:

We also went to Saint Chapelle. Wowza at those windows:

Emo statue is emo:

Graffiti! I like this first one, he's cute!

I think this had to do with the actual store below it:

Same with this one:

Octo-dude strikes again!

And again!

I saw this guy quite a bit, too:

Believe it or not, I was trying to take a photo of the pigeon (as a focal point) but it didn't really work that way, however that little green window works well!

Solar lights in a park:

Adriana loves her little traveling sheep companions:

Adriana and Octo-friend:

I love stuff like this, I don't know why:

Glorious lavender door:


Dad and me:

Menswear is exciting....

Me and Adriana bid you adieu!

Hopefully you enjoy! I feel like there is nothing worse (photographically) than typical travel photos, so I try to keep those to a minimum.