Friday, June 3, 2011

Keep it Fresh


I'll be overhauling this here blog, soon, as I want to focus on more specific things, and also, my previous decision involving 1 interest per year is not cutting it. I need more range and flow. After 2 months, I was already sick of reading books about writing, and it really had no effect on how much writing I got done.

Looking at my chart, which I HAVE kept up on, I barely all. I do write daily in a journal, and have been working on some things here and there, but I was setting myself up to "fail." I was very focused on writing a book I've had in my head for a decade, yet other ideas kept creeping in for a series I want to write, and I have been developing the characters. I may have to bag the old idea - it's hard to let go (not that I can't do it later, if I feel inspired to).

My main interests have not changed, but I want to incorporate as many of them into my life all the time.

So eventually, and what I'll be working on, is a merging of personal/well-being/creativity for the focus of this blog.

I'm working out the details, but I'll be working on it :)


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