Wednesday, August 3, 2011

fuck yes i lived

there is a slow burn to make fast breath
hot in the belly, caught in the throat
i am a star leaving a trail of ash
plummeting toward earth
with a dagger between my teeth
to cut the boredom from your life
to scrape the excuses from your tongue
to stab the ennui in your chest

i am a juggernaut
a steaming froth of white light
a gaseous nebula of rainbow fire
a dancing vixen of tempting swirls
a nymphet on the precipice of careening down the cliff
just to see what it's like
just to see what is there

kissing everyone in my path
the beauty of everyone apparent to me
the passion repressed in their every cell
this must be brought to the surface
to be sloughed off into songs and words scrawled on paper
to be colours and maniacal streaks of paint on the ground
chalk on your face
metal in your skin
blinding throbbing ecstasy pulsing like pins and wrought iron in your capillaries
you can see if you look carefully at your wrists
the painful yearning of life,
bursting to get out
to make you see what is there
in front of you
behind your eyelids
behind you
thrown at you

take it grab it and devour it
like a demon with a thousand claws,
ripping with a thousand teeth
eat your life with me
suck it down your throat
run wildly through forests with your hair wet against your back
from the time you felt the urge to jump in that fountain
from the tears you wept over the exquisite ache of love
from the sweat of the sun making you bloom

so when you die
you can say
fuck yes i lived.

~ Lorra Fae, 2011