Monday, December 13, 2010

What This Blog is All About

This is the beginning of a rather long journey I’ve decided upon. It came to me while on a walk one night when I wasn’t particularly trying to come up with any answers to my “problems.”

You see, a lifelong “problem” I have had is that I have too many interests. I’ve always been envious of people who viciously dedicate themselves to one core passion for life, for it seems to get them very far. They never stop, even when there are obstacles, or if people do not listen or see what they do. They do it anyway, because they have to.

I have been this way at times, but my interests wax and wane. They rarely disappear completely, but they may be overshadowed by something new. They are almost ALWAYS overshadowed by something new.

It’s always been an issue because most of the time, despite this hungry brain of mine, I cannot decide on what to focus on...and end up doing nothing at all. I’ll squander my time, or just give all of my attention to reading, instead of doing.
I’ve had many ideas for businesses and careers. I’ve been to college 3 times and ended up losing interest or not taking it further (photography, multimedia, vet assistant). I’ve considered art school, creative writing, zoology, and library sciences. But those take so many years, and so much money...and what if I end up not wanting to do those things, like the others? And I stay in low wage jobs (which do reflect my interests – being books, and raw foods).

So many people in my life have said I need to choose one thing, or just 3 things – and I have tried. And I have been an utter failure at it. I don’t WANT to focus on so few things – I would be miserable.

Recently I have come across a book called “Refuse to Choose” by Barbara Sher. No book I’ve ever found has described me so well – I am what she deems a “Scanner.” I am always on the lookout for new things to learn, new talents to cultivate, and new information to fascinate me.

I don’t have to give this up, as I have realized, but I do want to maintain SOME focus, and decided that going back to school for anything was not worth my time or money. When I did go to school, I realized: 1. I could have taught myself from books , and 2. I could have learned this by volunteering.

I wrote down all the passions that I have had since I was a kid – my MAIN obsessions, the ones that never go away, but might be put on hold due to whatever reasons. I am going to fiercely dedicate a year to each one for the next 7 years. These will be my Majors, in what I am calling Passion School. I will teach myself everything I can possibly teach myself, and if I need outside help, I will get it.
I will also have Minors, but will decide those as I go along. I will have "textbooks" that I read monthly, as well.

The main focuses are going to be the following:

1. Writing
2. Surfing
3. Fine Arts
4. Music
5. Survival/Self-sufficiency
6. Photography
7. Travel

I am starting with writing because it will affect the rest of the project, and it has been my longest interest along with art. Each category contains several aspects and will not be delegated only to a particular year. It will just be my main focus. I will also chart my progress, write a lot about creativity, and hopefully inspire you and find even more inspiration through others.

I will begin each year on my birthday, which is on December 22. This will give me just over a week to transition into a new year, and the hope is that by the end of the seven years, I will have carved out a career for myself. And if not...well then I will have spent 7 years deeply immersed in my passions, and that is amazing.


  1. What a great idea! I totally agree about school, all of what I learned I could of learned through books or work experience. I can't wait to watch your journey over the next 7 years :)

  2. Good luck Lorra! I'll be cheering on for you!

  3. Thanks! I am excited about it! Yay!

  4. You are AMAZING! I so relate to being a perpetual scanner...the only difference is that I try to do everything all at once all the time LOL
    Congratulations on your newfound clarity and commitment to your passion.
    This will sound strange, but 2 months ago I thought of putting up a website called The Passion Year (after I finished reading The Passion Test by Janet Attwood) and it was to be a place where I and others could post and document their year long journey of a particular goal they were committing themselves to.
    Excited for you xoShakaya

  5. I have tried to everything at once, too, and then I get overwhelmed and do nothing after a while! Fail...
    I am very happy you commented on my blog :) I have seen that book where I work! Is it a good one?

  6. This is great, I'm glad i came across your blog! I feel the same sometimes, I might have to read Refuse to choose. I wish you Good Luck and hope to be inspired along the way!

  7. Hi Preeti! Thanks for commenting (I love comments...) - yes, that book is really good. Another one that I have heard about is "The Renaissance Soul" by Margaret Lobenstein. Similar ideas. I'm exploring ways I've come to on my own, and synchronicities have shown me books at the same time.
    I recently finished "Refuse to Choose" and benefited from it greatly. Wishcraft is also a good book, by the same author, Barbara Sher. When I got that out from the library, I saw Refuse to Choose right beside it. I'd never heard of it before, and it was meant for me!
    Seems we find what we need exactly when we need it :)