Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Steps Will Lead Somewhere, Eventually

So, honestly, I have not been doing all that well with my progress - or so it would seem by my chart outline.
I guess at the beginning of the year, when hopes are high and goals are set in multitudes, it is easy to "fail." This is why I set so few.

My real resolution is "be productive." I am actually wanting to RESOLVE something - the rest are purely goals.

In terms of my static goals for the year, writing is the number one. And even though I have not been writing my allotted "1-2 hours a day!", I have been making progress, steadily.

Why would I be disappointed in myself? It's the same with any big goal - you generally have to start small. To expect yourself to go from nothing, to hardcore, is silly. Sometimes these kinds of changes do happen, but I find they are the result of something extreme, and not just a decision spurred on by a date change.

For instance, when I changed my diet from junk-food vegetarian to raw vegan, it was certainly not overnight, and it was because I was in an extreme state - one that needed a harsh change.

So, I have been writing the book that has been swimming in my brain for 10 years. I don't have a ton written yet - only about 10 pages. But that's more than I've written of it in 10 years. If I keep doing little by little, it will get completed!

In the meantime, I still journal every day. I have been reading the first of my self-appointed "textbooks."

I am more active, too, and before it got really cold, I was walking steep hills in the very early morning with my dog.
I have barely tried to meditate. I still have not started a yoga practice, but want to. I have been having a green juice almost every day.

So things will become more of a habit once I integrate them more, over time. I am pretty happy with my story so far. It's funny how stories shape themselves - things happen that you never anticipated, even though you are the one writing the story. Weird.


  1. It seems that you are doing quite a lot of what you set out to. Makes you think we as humans feel dismay when we don't achieve everything we set out to but in reality we should look at what we have achieved and applaud ourselves on that as well. if we did everything in one go we would never be able to look back and think about how to improve, this way we can! Great post!

  2. Thanks! It's amazing when you look back on things - how little steps add up to something large. I keep track of a lot of things - books read (10 years of that list, now), journals (since 1992, books and books of them), and almost 3 years as a raw vegan. I remember when I'd been raw 6 days. Crazy how things add up. It's good to remember that, when we feel like we aren't doing much.
    The weather at this time of years affects me a great deal. Maybe I should just embrace it.