Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pushing Through Procrastination

There are times when I really just have to force myself to do things.

It's often the only way I'll get anything done. Are you like this, too? There are so many fascinating things out there to tempt me. I'm constantly scouring the internet for interesting information, photos, ideas, books, and people. It's so easy to be lured into those worlds and to ignore my own.
Then it's hours later, and I have accomplished nothing. Still aware of my idleness, I push it aside until it makes me feel wasted. My mood is low, my day is squandered, and I feel listless.
It all happens at once - the inertia, then the response to it.

"Just fucking do what you wanted to do all day, do it now!"

And so, even though it is late in my day, it is not over. I write a little, I go for a late night walk in the rain, I sit down in the silence of the very early morning and meditate, I read my books.

So was it really a waste of a day if I accomplished all I wanted? No, but maybe I want more.

I'm not going to distract you with a long post, or photos. If there is something you want to get done today, go do it right now. Whatever is capturing your attention can be done later. Write it down quickly, bookmark it, or pause it. Do what you wanted, and come back later. Life is waiting for you.

I'm going for my walk.


  1. Yes! Inspiring post :). This is definitely one of my goals for the new year.

    (this is briarspell from LJ, btw!)

  2. So often I have been in your shoes. Especially spending a massive amount of time online. Although I would say my time online is productive, it is still a timekiller.

    I long for the day where I can bookmark work and just go, but I'm very fortunate to have the job that I do have, and the pay makes it easier to do the things that I want to do when I have the time for them. With that said, lately I have been seizing the moment more regularly. I have been out and about and doing things until the early morning every night after work. I'm tired the next day, but it is oh so very worth it. Those hours that I was out, having experiences and living my life are worth that little bit of drowsiness the next day. Afterall, if I didn't go out, I probably would have been procrastinating on something…

  3. @Britanny

    Glad you liked it :)


    I find most of my time online is "productive" or at least most of it is not being wasted. I am continuously learning. There comes a point, though, when learning is just that...learning, and not doing. Once you have the basic knowledge, you should be doing something with it. Otherwise, why learn it! Yea?